235/45r18 Tires: A Buying Guide Revealed by Experts

Looking for the best 235/45r18 tires for your vehicle? Look no further! In this buying guide, we will explore the top options available on the market and help you make an informed decision for your next tire purchase.

Top 235/45r18 tires reviews

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Fullway All Season Performance Radial Tires 235
Fullway All Season Performance Radial Tires 235


4.4 (308 ratings)

100+ bought in past month

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Overall, these tires make a great first impression and seem to be of decent quality, fitting well with my 2014 VW Beetle R Line Turbo.

Pros Cons
High performance Short-term durability unknown
Good fit for specific car model

These tires are Load Range XL, 4-Ply Rated, 4-PR, designed for passenger cars with high performance in all seasons, although the treadlife is not specified.

After installing these tires on my car, I can say that they have made a positive impact on the overall performance and handling. The fit was perfect for my specific car model, and I am pleased with the purchase so far. However, it’s too early to determine their long-term durability. Nevertheless, I am optimistic about their performance based on my initial experience.

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Fullway All Season Performance Radial Tire 235
Fullway All Season Performance Radial Tire 235
4.5 (7842 ratings)

100+ bought in past month

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These tires offer high performance and excellent handling, making them a great choice for any car enthusiast.

Pros Cons
High performance Not suitable for all terrains
Great handling N/A
Quiet and smooth on the highway N/A

Load Range XL, 4-Ply Rated, 4-PR. Car Type: Passenger. Performance: High Performance. Season: All Season. Treadlife: N/A.

After mounting and installing these tires on my 2014 Audi A4, I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. With a treadwear rating of 380 AAA, they provided excellent grip and responsiveness, even at high speeds. Additionally, they were quiet and smooth on the highway, making for a comfortable driving experience.

Overall, I highly recommend these tires for anyone looking for high performance and great handling. They have exceeded my expectations and I look forward to putting more miles on them to fully test their capabilities.

Our Pick

Summit Ultramax HP All Season Tire
Summit Ultramax HP All Season Tire
4.6 (1241 ratings)

300+ bought in past month

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These tires offer excellent wet traction, low road noise, and a comfortable ride, making them a great value for the price.

Pros Cons
Great wet traction Average grip in dry conditions
Low road noise Noisy on rough roads
Comfortable ride

These tires are designed with high angle tread grooves for improved water evacuation and wet handling, a solid center rib for high-speed stability, and a silica compound for reduced rolling resistance. They also come with a 50,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty, providing peace of mind for the long term.

I recently put these tires on my Ford Fusion Hybrid and have been impressed with their performance so far. The road noise is minimal, and the ride is smooth and comfortable. However, I did notice that the grip in dry conditions is just average, and they can be a bit noisy on rough roads. Overall, I am happy with these tires and would recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable option.

Tire Size

Understanding 235/45r18

When it comes to 235/45r18 tires, the numbers represent the tire’s width, aspect ratio, and wheel diameter. In this case, the tire is 235 millimeters wide, with a sidewall height that is 45% of the width, and it fits an 18-inch wheel.

Compatibility with Your Vehicle

Before purchasing 235/45r18 tires, it’s important to ensure that they are compatible with your vehicle. Check your car’s manual or consult with a professional to confirm that these tires are suitable for your specific make and model.

Tire Type

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride in various weather conditions, including dry, wet, and light snow. They are a versatile option for drivers who want year-round performance.

Performance Tires

Performance tires are engineered for enhanced handling, grip, and responsiveness. They are ideal for sports cars and high-performance vehicles, offering superior traction and cornering capabilities.

Winter Tires

Winter tires are specifically crafted to excel in cold weather, icy, and snowy conditions. They feature unique tread patterns and rubber compounds to ensure maximum traction and braking performance on winter roads.

Tire Brand and Quality

Top Brands for 235/45r18 Tires

– Michelin
– Bridgestone
– Continental
– Pirelli
– Goodyear

Quality and Durability

When it comes to 235/45r18 tires, quality and durability are paramount. Look for reputable brands known for their long-lasting tread life, excellent traction, and overall performance.

Price and Value

Comparing Prices

To ensure you’re getting the best deal, compare prices from different retailers. Keep in mind that higher-priced tires may offer better quality and performance.

Value for Money

Consider the overall value of the tires, taking into account their longevity, performance, and the manufacturer’s reputation. Sometimes, paying a bit more upfront can save you money in the long run.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Feedback from Users

Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the real-world performance of 235/45r18 tires. Pay attention to feedback regarding handling, treadwear, and overall satisfaction.

Ratings and Recommendations

Look for tires with high ratings and positive recommendations from other drivers. This can help guide you towards the best 235/45r18 tires for your vehicle.


  • What PSI should I use for 235 45R18?

    For 235/45R18 tires, the recommended PSI is 35.

  • What does R18 mean on a tire?

    R18 on a tire means that it has a radial-ply construction and fits an 18-inch rim.

  • What is the diameter of 235 45R18?

    The diameter of 235/45R18 tires is 26.33 inches (668.7 mm).

  • What size is 235 40R18 in inches?

    235/40R18 tires have a diameter of 25.4 inches (645 mm), a tread width of 9.3 inches (235 mm), and a wheel diameter of 18 inches (457.2 mm).

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